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About BK Bell Designs

BK Bell Designs is a small business based on the beautiful Gold Coast, and run from home around the demands of a day job and a family.

Who am I? My name's Belinda, but most people call me Bell. The drive to create is too strong, so my spare hours are spent playing with fabric and making beautiful bags, or splashing about with inks and paints. Everything I sell is handmade with love, and is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Many of my pieces are made with wrap scrap and cork leather - these textiles are beautiful and inspiring, and mean that almost everything in my shop is vegan. They are particularly unique and durable textiles, and certainly not your everyday bags! I create with a view to expressing your personality on the putside! There's a place for plain black, for neutrals, for blending in. But when you want to show a little piece of your heart and soul? When you want to stand out and make a splash? Reach for a bag, or a clutch, or a little accessory that has brightness and life to it!

In art, I take inspiration from light and colour, so while my pieces are eclectic as a whole collection, vibrant colour and movement is a central theme in everything I create.