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About saltwaterstudio


​I am a jewellery artisan with a rustic, organic style. My inspiration is nurtured by walking the Western Australian tide-lines and the Perth Hills. The process I undergo when creating is spontaneous and organic, with the end result never in mind. I don't plan my designs, they just evolve - which for me is part of the joy! ​

I prefer naturally sourced materials, with each unique piece an individual creation that is never reproduced. I gather, beach-comb, and collect little items from nature when I travel and explore - giving me a diverse array of natural elements to work from. For me, the objects utilised in my creations represent both the materials and the art themselves.

Every single piece of adornment I create is a one off design. I do not make copies or re-create any piece. The item you purchase from me will be your own unique bespoke piece of adornment.

PINTEREST - https://www.pinterest.com.au/saltwateradornment/boards/
INSTAGRAM - https://www.instagram.com/saltwaterartisan/
CRAFTUMI (destach items for crafty people) - https://www.craftumi.com.au/sewretro/