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About Beth Graham Art

Hey there!

I live in a small rural area called Humpty Doo about 60km out of Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia.

I am a registered nurse by trade, but at the moment am enjoying mixing motherhood with my art, as well as home educating my little man!

I have been painting since the end of 2011 and started quite by accident. We get the most amazing sunsets here in the tropics and one day I just had the urge to paint one, so I got some supplies and went for it. I have never fallen in love with something so quickly (except for my beautiful son & his Dad) and have never really recovered from the addiction I developed that day!

I have an insatiable desire to know and do more and more and more. I devour painting books, videos, podcasts, webpages, anything and everything that is even slightly painting related. The more I learn the more excited I become.

So that's me, someone who has fallen in love with and become totally addicted to painting and creating!

I hope you find a little time to look through my things and find one (or many) that make you smile.

I will continue to add any new paintings I have for sale as I finish them but most of the time they sell before I get them up. So if you would like to know when I finish new paintings, you can join my Facebook 'Beth Graham Art' page (link provided at bottom of page) where you can be notified of new paintings and other exciting things!

If you have any requests, queries, feedback, please send me a message and say hi :-)

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon.



Some of my favourite materials:
matisse acrylic paints, water mixable oil paints, water colours, pastels, graphite pencils, charcoal, all wools, beads, fabrics, recyling old materials, clothes, tshirt yarn, rag yarn, paper, pretty much anything I can, ok so I am a big horder, anything to keep it out of landfill and look after this amazing place we live on and in :-)