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About Broken By Design

The idea for Broken By Design originated out of our hobby of gold prospecting, metal detecting and relic hunting. Obviously much of where we pursue this hobby is in and around abandoned homesteads and townships. The people and the places may be long gone but the crockery and china which were once very much a part of their lives, remain -broken, forgotten and lost over time.

Shards of broken china unearthed from old settlements and redesigned into treasured pieces of jewellery are to be found in the Broken By Design “Heritage” collection. Australia’s settlers brought with them hopes and dreams as well as everyday items. Some built empires, others struggled, but all left behind clues as to how they lived. Today we fossick far and wide, uncovering china fragments – literally pieces of history. Working with patience and creativity we rebirth these shards into unique, bespoke pieces, each of which has a story of its own. Once buried, now brought to life, adventure and beauty are now yours to wear and cherish.

Broken By Design have created additional collections which include vintage, retro and contemporary pieces. China used in these collections have been discovered by rummaging through discarded wares from a variety of sources including garage sales, op shops and school fairs.

Broken By Design also offers a “bespoke service”. Ever wondered what to do with Nanna's chipped or accidentally damaged pieces of old china? Why not have them redesigned into beautiful jewellery that can be treasured and worn with love? What about a unique gift for the bridal party at a wedding? Jewellery pieces can be created out of a memorable piece of china that is significant to the bride, worn as part of the wedding and a lovely momento for all to treasure.

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