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About Amaree Handmade

I'm a busy mum to three beautiful children (soon to be four!) and enjoy making these items in my little spare time, At the moment it is just a small hobby at home but hopefully in time it'll grow into something a little more.

These items are all hand made by myself and are all one off or custom made.
I do take custom orders so just contact me to work out all the details :)

I have recently gone into making Reusable items too, I have a teenage daughter that is obsessed with face painting and make-up along with her little sister! I thought what better way to cut down waste, and cut down ongoing costs of continually buying Baby Wipes or Make Up pads.
Just use, throw in the wash with your towels and reuse over and over!

You'll also see Baby Burp Cloths added to my collection. Hopefully soon I will be adding more baby items to my stock.

Thanks for visiting and happy browsing! Please don't hesitate to contact me for anything at all.