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About Hand Crafted By Robbie

My adventure into jewellery making started with the fruit from the quandong (Santalum acuminatum) tree. After eating or preserving the flesh the inner nut is revealed. The texture of the nut looks a bit like a miniature brain, or a miniature landscape of rolling hills and valleys. It is this amazing texture that I exploit in my jewellery designs. But it does not stop there, cut the nut and a darker inner layer is revealed along with the edible seed. My most popular designs are cut quandong nuts that highlight the delicate exterior texture against the darker internal layer.

The popularity of tassel earrings, started me thinking about how I could incorporate them into my Jewellery. The inspiration came while walking my dog and looking at the fantastic range of eucalypt gum nuts, could I possibly turn these gum nuts into the caps of tassels? You can decide for yourself if I succeeded by checking out the items I have for sale. I keep experimenting with the designs, including whats the smallest I can make and how big can I go (see my key rings).

My latest challenge is to try to recreate the delicate eucalyptus flower. You will have to wait and see if I'm successful. Be sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest updates.

I make jewellery because I like to create.
I sell my work to raise funds for more materials.
Which means I can create more jewellery for you to enjoy.
Thank you for supporting Hand Crafted by Robbie