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About Ashculme Textiles

Ashculme Textiles is small family business, run from our property in Australia’s idyllic Riverina region of New South Wales. Our alpaca herd are an endless source of joy and reward, providing not just entertaining company, but also a bountiful supply of fleece, naturally hued in the creams, peaches, browns, greys and blacks of each animal’s unique colouring. Every year the alpacas are shorn here on the farm. Due to the delicacy of the suri fleece, I then send it to a local mill who process it with the care and attention it deserves. Some comes back to me ready for weaving and some is returned as roving which I then spin. Many years ago on a visit home to England, my mother’s old spinning wheel was dismantled, packed into a suitcase and came with me to Australia. This is the beautiful spinning wheel I now use most evenings.

The weaving happens here on the farm too, by me, on one of my two floor looms. Design happens when I pick the natural shades of yarn, sometimes twining it with a fine merino yarn and sometimes leaving it to shine in its own natural colour. But then it is as I start to weave that the details of the design come to me and over the years I have learnt that the best results come from respecting this process, however strange it may seem. This is especially true of my wall hangings which are made using the endless supply of natural fibres, beds from old jewellery and even the offcuts of my mother’s quilting.

Ashculme Textiles is truly a family business. In 2015 my parents already into their 80’s, followed the spinning wheel and joined us on the farm. My talented mother - now with her own quilting shop on Etsy - Ashculme Quilts - is my colleague in all things creative. My father helps to clean the fleeces and card the ones we don’t send to the mill. And my husband is the strength that holds me up and the solver of all puzzles and problems that seem somehow too hard to solve.

Alpaca is a superior fibre, being resilient in wear, warm in winter, cool in summer and also hypo-allergenic, making it an attractive alternative for sensitive humans. There are two main breeds of Alpaca - Huacaya and Suri. Generally alpaca fibre comes from the Huacaya, who make up the vast majority of alpacas in Australia. Our alpacas are from the Suri breed, and their fibre differs in that it is softer, silkier, warmer. Their coat hangs down from their body gleaming in the sun. It drapes beautifully and has a luxurious lustre to it. It has been used by Armani in his clothing collections.

It is our passion at Ashculme Textiles to provide for you something which is beautiful, long lasting and made to the traditions of textile work that occur throughout global cultures in the history of humankind.

You can follow the adventures of our alpacas and their humans on our instagram page (link below), and check our our website for information on weaving classes for both adults and children which we offer regularly as well as the markets we attend.