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About Ameogem Jewellery

The blend of my ethnic & upbringing background and cultural influence is reflected in the jewellery I have crafted and presented at Ameogem Jewellery. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a place of vibrant & playful colors, exotic fashion that combines native tribal style with sophistication. Then at the age of 26 I received a scholarship in Science research in Tokyo Japan - It was in Japan that I discovered other facets of beauty, including singular beauty, the beauty of imperfection, art of harmony, and monochromatic art. Then, at the age of 40, once again I migrated to other lands, this time to Australia, the land of Opals and red sand outback. It was in Australia that I have developed my own pieces of jewellery, and polishing raw stones into cabochons, when we can see the play of natural earthy colors. Please enjoy the original, stylish and yet affordable pieces of jewellery.