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About Jamtree Handmade

Jamtree is a local Australian brand, based in North Queensland; not too far from the beautiful Whitsundays. Founded and run by Mel Bright, Jamtree is fast becoming a favourite brand for women all over Australia looking for stylish yet comfortable skirts to wear all day long.

At Jamtree, we know you’re busy. Whether it’s running a household, running your career or just running around; you’ve got a lot going on. Our collections take the guesswork out of “what will I wear today?” We take the time to source designer cotton from all over the world, so to look stylish you just have to pull your Jamtree piece out of the wardrobe.

How to wear your Jamtree skirt

How you wear your skirt is really a personal preference.

Some prefer to wear them high on the waist, yet others wear them lower on their hips.

The A-line design gives a flattering fit to most body types. The stretchy waistband is the ultimate design feature for comfort.

They are available in 2 lengths; regular is more a thigh length and the longer one is to around the knee.

Some additional features

All skirts are made from 100% designer cotton, teamed up with our stretchy waistbands. We source the most amazing cotton prints from all over the world.
Skirts are also available in kids sizes from 2-12.