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About JuniperBerryDesigns

Thanks for visiting my shop!

I’m Nic, owner and creator of all things at Juniper Berry Designs!

I’ve always been a maker, loving the challenge and the sense of accomplish I get when I finish a project.

Naturally, when my little girl Juniper was born, I decided to give sewing a try. With a quick tutorial from my mother in law on an ancient sewing machine, I set about making my first ever item of clothing. Seeing the smile on my girl’s face when I tried the outfit on her, I was won over completely!

From then on, I created outfit after outfit for her to wear, and soon tried my hand at other sewing projects such as play mats and toy bags.

All my items have the option of coming gift wrapped - you’ll notice there is no plastic in this wrapping! I use a combination of coloured paper, fabric and dried flowers, with minimal sticky tape. Just add the gift wrapping item to your cart as a separate item.

I hope you enjoy browsing my shop!