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About Dot&LilyDESIGNS

Hi, my name is Tracie and welcome to Dot&LilyDESIGNS. I have combined my love of quality fabrics, needlework and sewing to produce a range of bags and other items. I use a mix of new, old, upcycled and recycled materials. Everything I make is a one-off in terms of the combination of materials used. Everything I make is made with love, care and attention to detail.

It all started five or so years ago when I purchased a random box of fabric at an auction. The box contained mostly vintage / retro fabric, tablecloths and doilies. Some in good condition. Some in not so good condition. Some new. Some used. Some of the tablecloths and doilies were handmade using the most beautiful threads, linen and lace. I thought about the women who had created these heirlooms and the hours and hours they had spent to produce something unique and special. I also thought about all of the quality fabrics doomed to sit in musty piles because they were old-fashioned or worn in places.

So, I started to stockpile old fabric, tablecloths and doilies and, after much thought, decided to use some of them to create bags and other items, initially for myself, family and friends, but now for others. I enjoy being creative with an emphasis on buying local, upcycling and recycling. I like to make things which are useful and help to reduce our environmental impact.

My shopping or general-purpose bag (large) is the design which started me on this particular path. I made some for myself and used them when I went grocery shopping. The cashiers would more often than not remark on my great bags and then one of them asked me if they could buy one and gave me her name and number. She ended-up buying two and a child's handbag and I kept on sewing.

This bag, along with my fold up shopping bag, have been designed to reduce the use of plastic and other synthetic mass-produced bags which have a limited life. My shopping or general-purpose bag and my fold up shopping bag are mostly made from linen/cotton and are strong, durable, washable, fit for purpose and one of a kind.

Dot and Lily are the names of two of my grandmothers. I have a third grandmother called Barbara but Barb just didn't seem to work. Irrespective, I love them all the same.

New materials = contemporary/modern which have not been used before.
Old materials = mostly retro/vintage which may or may not have been used before. Retro in the sense they are of a style or fashion from the recent past (for example, the 1960s). Vintage in the sense they are too old to be considered contemporary/modern but not old enough to be considered antique.