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About Jumbeen Stitches

I am based in the Copper Coast region of South Australia and have been sewing since I was old enough to be trusted with a sewing machine. From clothing to quilts I am constantly sewing something useful and beautiful. I started making handbags and wallets a few years ago for myself, friends and family after I was disappointed in the bags and purses I found in retail stores.

I wanted a bag that was roomy enough to hold everything as well as have lots of pockets inside and out to hold items I need in a hurry (phones, tissues, glasses, etc). I wanted bright colours so I could stand out in the crowd, and I wanted pale coloured interiors so I didn't need a torch to find small things that had dropped to the bottom such as keys or a pen. If you are like-minded in your search for a functional and fashionable handbag or purse, then I am sure you will find the perfect bag here at Jumbeen Stitches.

Many of my handbag patterns are from my favorite Australian designer, Christine of ChrisW Designs, because her handbags are roomy with heaps of clever pockets both inside and out. My personal favorite is Olivia which is not, as of yet, featured in my range as I just cannot part with them!

All items are crafted with quality and care using all-new fabrics and fittings, and none of the items have ever been used. I work from home in a clean, pet-free environment to ensure quality of the finished items. I am sure your new purchase will be a unique handmade work-of-art that you will treasure for many years.

Being all fabric, the bags are fully machine washable, on a delicate cycle, so spills can be easily cleaned (to protect the hardware, wash in a pillow case or laundry bag). A quick steam-iron and they come up as good as new. I know this because I have washed my own handbags repeatedly and they still look good after several years of use.

You will love your colourful and versatile new handbag or purse. A lot of work goes into hand-crafted original handbags and purses so the finished product is not only crafty but also a unique work of art. So please remember, just because something is hand-made doesn't mean it is cheap!