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About iccles

Welcome to iccles.

iccles was created after I couldn't find a clock for my daughter that was the Letter I. You could get clocks and you could get Wooden Letters, but not both as one. So I made her one myself, and then an E for my other daughter and then an L for my son.
From here i made a few for family and friends until i finally decided to branch out to everyone else.

The name iccles comes from the first letter of each of my kids first and second names, scrambled together until we came up with a word that actually sounded like a word.

The little Green Panda was designed by my 9 year old daughter. Too cute not to use.

Clocks are sprayed with Sugar Artists Acrylic Spray Paint. It is the world’s first hybrid water and alcohol based acrylic aerosol paint. Meaning less toxins and less environmental impact. It gives the clocks a vibrant colour. with a Matte finish, is UV resistant and has an extremely low smell.

Fabric can be anything you desire, contact me and let me know if there is somethng you want.

Clocks are fitted with a quiet Clock Movement