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About House of Light

I started House of Light after having my fourth child. With four kids under the age of six, I needed to find a place of calm and interest for me. After dabbling in watercolour, I began the journey of making crepe paper flowers by accidentally stumbling across a crepe paper flower tutorial on YouTube. Needless to say, with an already glaring love for flowers, I was hooked!

Although most of my time is still spent on my children, I have began to perfect the art of crepe paper flower making. The beauty of using paper is that the flower will last a lot longer than fresh flowers and well, it's not plastic - yuck!

Each petal and leaf is hand cut and formed, so a lot of love and effort go into making these little beauties. My hope is that they provide a pop of colour as part of your home decor and provide year round colour to your bedrooms, offices or as unique table decor.

Thanks for visiting!
Rachael xx