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About Renberry Handmade

Renberry Handmade was a dream made into reality 2 years ago after many years experimenting with fabric and other crafting. Making has always been a part of me and took a back seat in my younger years when I was working as a Registered Nurse. I loved nursing and met some great people through that time. I unfortunately was diagnosed with MS at 28 years of age and everything changed.

In a short time, my career was put on hold, I had my first of 2 children and we lived away from family interstate. To help my mental health, I recommenced making and found this challenging but really rewarding.

I wanted to share my making and I thought of producing something that all women love to buy and wear- handbags! I made the clutch bag for various engagement parties and weddings that we attended and I loved having something unique and personal to wear. Then I started making bags for babies and children. They became great gift ideas and then I added bags for teens, for their mobile phones and for their school formal attire.

Learning about creative small business has been rewarding and I enjoy meeting people who love the same things as I do. So now I make and sell my bags! I appreciate all the support that comes my way by shopping small.

Creative life, happy life!

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