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About Renberry Handmade

I am the owner of Renberry Handmade. It is a shop filled with handmade fabric bags designed and constructed by myself. I just love fabric! Particularly, cottons and fabric blends with colourful modern patterns and texture. Silks and velvets bring a little lux to the bag too.

I tend to choose the fabric first and then imagine it as a product. I have been making for many years and have been giving handmade bags to friends and family as presents. I make products with attention to detail so the finished product will always be well made and designed to last.

Making and creating has always been an important part of my life and now I get to share my creations with you. I have two young children who are great supporters and users of my bags and who inspire me to do something just for me- a personal skill I am working on! My husband is a great support too, especially on market day!

Each bag is unique but still practical. An injection of colour is a great way to boost your mood and look great too!

Small zippered pouches are great for lipstick and keys or small toys for the kids, bandaids and medication for school kids and football or Pokémon collector cards holders.

Clutch bags can be used for short trips out, evenings out with the girls etc. They have become popular with teens for school formals and I use mine to compliment my outfit to a wedding or ball. The large clutches are also useful for use as a travel nappy wallet.

Larger bags are a refreshing change to the vinyl and leather heavy bags found everywhere. Use them to shop for groceries, visit the library and they are machine washable.

I hope you can find something unique for you or as a gift for someone. I welcome comments and feedback so please keep in touch. I attend local markets throughout the year where you can come and see my range of bags.

Find me at-

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