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Welcome to the wonderful world of Noogal Creations. Here you will see that my designs are inspired by colours and unique materials. Hopefully you'll find something eclectic that you fall in love with!

I've been crafting since 2006 and every year my style evolves and I'm always looking to create lasting, unique pieces.

I'm the sole crafter and designer of Noogal Creations in Australia. I currently specialise in handmade, eclectic jewellery inspired by feathers but I also have a love of resin, gems and origami!

I happily custom create pieces as well.

Regarding feathers - all feathers that have been used in my creations come from cruelty free environments! I pride myself on only choosing the most reputable companies for providing my supplies. All feathers chosen for earrings and bangles are of the highest quality possible. Some variations do happen but this is what makes your piece unique!

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Thank you for supporting handmade and stopping by! If you are after a custom creation I can do that too, just contact me - noogal@gmail.com