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About Dough Re Mi

At Dough Re Mi we love to bake. The cookie crew and founders, Meredith know that there is nothing better than the sweet snap of biting into a perfectly baked cookie and want to share their creations with the world.

Dough Re Mi takes simple, real ingredients and turns them into something amazing. All our cookies are baked to order at our Cookie Headquarters, so you are always guaranteed a fresh, delicious creation. From the simple to the outrageous, we have your cookie needs covered. Buttery vanilla shortbread? It’s a staple. Something to go with your cuppa? Try a fudgey fruit and nut. Need something to pick you up at the end of a hard day? Our rum and raisin will hit the spot. Looking for something more adventurous? Bacon, maple & pecan! Dough Re Mi have plenty of options to suit your needs, from individual cookies just for you, to multi-packs for the family (if you can stand to share), or bigger share packs to get everyone through those long meetings at work (OK, let’s face it, they’re all for you as well).

We can cater to your specific tastes and requirements, with gluten free options available. All our cookies can be ordered online and hand-delivered in the Wagga area or shipped to any location in Australia.

Cookie! It’s what you want.