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About M Decor Botanica

Hi there and welcome, I’m so happy you’re here! 🤗

My name is Marketa. I feel very honoured that you’d like to know more about me. Originally from the Czech Republic, I now live in Trinity Beach, Queensland, Australia. English is my second language.

As a stay-at-home mum with a young toddler, I’m crafting as time allows…usually while my son is napping or after he goes to sleep at night. My business hours are usually early afternoons or late nights.

M Decor Botanica is a place where I can create and relax. To me, it represents the vibration and play of colours of garden blooms and blossoms as well as peacefulness and tranquility of a garden - a mix of different elements influencing my creative journey. Trees and flowers make my life colourful and inspirational, make me happy and smile, help my soul wake up and blossom.

When I look back in time, I can see myself as a little girl sitting on the floor in our living room and watching my mum gift wrapping presents. I thought she was a gift wrapping artist. The presents were always so beautifully wrapped. I loved curly ribbons and the creative way she folded the paper. I also enjoyed knitting and making clothes for my teddy bears. My dad liked sewing on his vintage sewing machine with a wheel and making woven wall tapestry. My parents have influenced me in many ways, opened my desire to create and unlocked the door for me to the world of handmade.

So here I am, today, in my late 30s, following my dream. I tried various arts and crafts…I've always been interested in floral designs in decorative hand embroidery, crocheting, claycraft and sugarart. Sugar flowers used to be my true passion, however, living in the tropics with high humidity doesn't allow me to enjoy the art of sugarcraft as much as I'd like to. There had always been something pushing me forward to explore more until I found inspiration in everlasting/paper daisies, which I photographed in Dorrigo National Park, NSW, Australia a few years ago, and started crafting/decorating with natural fibres to bring a feel of outdoor nature into my home. M Decor Botanica was finally becoming a reality.

I’m also interested in gift wrapping and floristry techniques and I consider myself a gift wrapping enthusiast. I always enjoy wrapping gift items in a special way and I like to put in the effort to wrap gifts for others.

I like playing with colours and watching colours in nature as the seasons change. Colours influence me in every step I take……they bring energy, happiness, vitality, tranquility, joy to my life…..and I’d like to share this with you, to bring the beautiful energy of colours and nature into your home and into your everyday life.

I fell in love with countryside and coastal living, natural rustic style with a hint of boho. My favourite designs are simple, natural as well as bright, vivid and colourful.

I love to see how people use my products, so feel free to email me photos or post them on Instagram or Facebook. Simply include @mdecorbotanica #mdecorbotanica in your hashtags so I could find them.

I hope you enjoy decorating/styling with your handcrafted decorations as much as I have enjoyed making them for you...I hope their positive energy is transferred to your life and environment.

With love,


The creator, designer and maker behind M Decor Botanica

HAVE A QUESTION? Feel free to send me a message, I´ll endeavour to respond back to you within 24 hours. You can also contact me directly via email: mdecorbotanica@gmail.com

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