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Wax & Flame

Wax & Flame

***Important announcement***
I'm currently moving house so a very limited range of candles are available right now. All candles currently listed are pre-made and ready to post but any custom requests cannot be made right now.

Wax & Flame is a small beeswax chandlery in Victoria, owned and run by me - Chrystel.
I specialise in creating pure beeswax candles in small batches using traditional skills honed over many years.
My hand dipping methods create subtle variations in colour, shape and texture in each new candle, creating something truly unique each time.
Fill your world with magical candlelight, handmade with skill and care, just for you.

To learn more you can find me on social media at:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/waxandflameAu
Facebook: www.facebook.com/waxandflameAu
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/waxandflameAu

Wholesale and custom requests welcome.
Thanks for stopping by.