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Hello and thanks for visiting my store!

My name is Seema and I'm a passionate artist currently honing my natural abilities via a bachelor of fine arts at the National Art School in Sydney.

When I am not studying I can be found in my cozy art studio in the inner city up to my arms in clay as I indulge in my love of art and in particular ceramics and sculpture.

I love creating unique pieces and adore the asymmetrical form which you can see in my work: bowls with uneven sides and textured surfaces, lopsided pots and curved abstract sculptures. I bring all the love of my heart to my work, and my creations all have their own unique beauty.

Take a moment to browse through my work here on my store. You can pick up the perfect gift or just that little something unique to brighten up your home.

You can see more of my works on my Instagram page @seema.stamou