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About Speccaddy Double | Triple Glasses Cases

I am a semi-retired civil engineer who appreciates functional design. I love to invent useful items that help us daily. I am blessed with four adult daughters and nine grandchildren. I do not have a problem with what to do!
I invented Speccaddy when I found, after cataract surgery, that I had to carry three pairs of eyeglasses around with me simply to function normally. This meant that I had to carry a BIG handbag which put a strain this on my neck and shoulders from the weight of three “coffin box” spectacle cases. I looked a bit like Rambo with his bullet belt on a mission. This is not a good look on an evening out when trying to be cool. Finally I thought; this is RIDICULOUS. I will make myself ONE spectacle case that will hold THREE pairs of eyeglasses in it…. and I did.

Speccaddy can be a double eyeglass case or triple eyeglass case or mini bag. It is:
-Designed to protect and safely carry each pair of glasses within a separate internal pouch.
-Made from beautiful textiles, padded, stiffened, and stitched with high strength thread
-Compact, with expandable casing and dividers, makes it space saving and versatile
-Loops installed in every speccaddy allow attachment of a carry cord to convert the case into a hands-free mini bag

The design has a patent pending and is globally unique