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About mijentto

I have been designing and making my own clothes for years and now I’m sharing my wardrobe online. All mijentto peices are handcrafted and made to order in Darwin. I have an online shop at Etsy (a world wide online market place).

mijentto is a bit street style, modern but vintage inflected, effortless, comfortable, wearable and hand made. There are no collections just clothes born from wants and ideas. Made to order mijentto clothes are unique and limited.

Living in Darwin, in the tropical north of Australia is fabulous. It’s a very ‘lay back’, casual and outdoor lifestyle. We have 2 seasons, ‘the wet’ and ‘the dry’ and its warm all year round, so most of the clothes I make are for living in a warm climate. Although I do travel to colder climates and have family and friends who need some winter clothes, so I do make a few! I enjoy putting together a look and expressing my self through clothes. And my style can change on a daily basis!

I’m starting to make more accessories and decor too. I love the idea of making things from my left over fabric pieces, from fabric I find and love but is too small to make clothing, and from my vintage finds (or off loads from friends having clean ups!). I also love op shopping!

Being sustainable and striving for minimal waste is at the heart of mijentto. I use fabrics which are made from regenerated resources and that are biodegradable. This includes cottons, linens, viscose and rayon.

Thanks for looking and reading.

Jen :)
+ FACEBOOK - @mijentto
+ INSTAGRAM - @mijentto
+ WEBSITE - www.mijentto.com.au