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About showeredwithlullabies

Hi, I'm Mara and I run Showeredwithlullabies!
I'm from Germany originally and have only lived in Australia for about five years! More specifically, I live in Central Queensland with my partner Amanda, our green-cheek conure Cosmo and our two guinea pigs Bowser and Yoshi.

I've always loved creating - from drawing to writing to sewing, I've tried just about everything. I remember my mum spending her nights knitting and crocheting in front of the tv when I was little. Of course I kept bugging her to teach me and when I was about 7 she finally did! While I never got the hang of knitting, I absolutely loved crocheting. Now fast forward about 14 years and I found myself bored on another continent with not that many friends around (an unfortunate side effect of moving so far!). What better time than to pick up a crochet hook and get creating again! Things quickly got a little out of hand and I found myself with too many items to keep, so my partner encouraged me to open an online shop. It was all over the place because I made so many different items. Until one day I made a crocheted cactus. I didn't think too much of it but the positive feedback I got was overwhelming. I quickly found that I enjoyed creating fake plants, maybe because I can't keep any real plants alive, and here we are! Now I make a range of different sized cacti and succulents as well as little keyrings.

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, I package all cacti using tissue paper and Kraft paper bags. I do still use bubble wrap to ensure all orders arrive safely, but this is generally re-used bubble wrap. Please consider re-using all packaging materials once you receive your order.

Contact me for custom cacti!

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