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About Plushka Design Studio

Plushka offers a collection of textile designs handmade by me, Katia Donohoe, with an emphasis on tiny details, that make items extra special, quality and traditional techniques that I am passionate to include into modern creations. This includes crochet, cross-stitch and hand-stitching that are old-fashioned and time consuming but that what handmade means to me – an item created with time, lots of love and skill.

A little about Plushka:
Plushka brand was founded in late 2009 and became a label for handmade felt creations, unique gifts and home decorations – all handmade in a little corner of our living room that we lovingly call Plushka’s studio. In our creations we use only high quality felt, gorgeous fabrics and trims. We love supporting local fabric designers and a lot of the creations you’ll see in the store are made with screen-printed linens by talented Australian designers.
Plushka’s creations are not only for the little ones but also for their parents who appreciate having handmade, practical and unique pieces as a part of their everyday life.

A little about me:
I am a creative soul, mum of 2, handmade designer, blogger, freelance writer (I write for *Bespoke* zine and Create & Thrive website) and Indie business owner. I love cross-stitch, sewing, crochet and crafting. Being of the Russian heritage I treasure handmade crafts and love spending time creating things by hand. I cannot imagine my life without hand-stitching, hot chocolate and Mr. Plushkin, bright tights and suede shoes (in no particular order)!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll enjoy exploring Plushka’s creative world!
Much love,

Instagram - @plushkadesignstudio

P.S. All creations are exclusively handmade by me.
@All rights reserved.