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About Handmade by RKL

RKL stands for RaKeL, the owner. The products sold here are all made in Rakel's Kitchen Laboratory (RKL).

Rakel made her first cold process soap in 1989 as part of her Chemistry lesson in saponification while in college. In 2012, she became interested in making all natural cold process soap to use the excess herbs and other botanicals from their garden.

She lives in Melbourne with her 3 boys (her hubby and 2 kids) and 4 girls (all chooks).

We aim to make all natural, environment friendly skin care products that are nourishing to our skin, which is our largest organ. We endeavor to use locally sourced ingredients and to incorporate the produce from our garden whenever possible.

Our Definition of All Natural
Although we use laboratory made sodium hydroxide to convert oils to soap, "All Natural" to us means:
-No petrochemical ingredients
-No artificial fragrance or colorants
-No preservative

You can also send any of your queries at www.facebook.com/handmadebyrkl

Thanks for visiting.

NICNAS Registration No. 13806