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About The Snake Pit

Hello, my name is Katy. My background is in Visual Arts. I also studied Fashion design for 2 years. I've learnt construction, pattern making, found out more about textiles and the textile industry and begun to make my own stuffed animals.
These draught snakes are my first foray into online markets, made as sustainably as I know how and designed to be the last draught snake you may ever need. Super effective at keeping cool or warm air in. A generous length (just over 105cm) designed to block gaps of up to 7cm.
I hope you find them to be an antidote to all the faceless, flimsy, floppy, functionless, mass (potentially unethically) produced, synthetic sausages that may have slithered into your home in the past. The sort that never stays put, that you trip over several times before chucking out. Bah!
These snakes are sewn to be strong and when filled, have enough heft to block a draught and stay in position. They can also double as a sturdy doorstop to hold a door open to let the air flow through.
They are washable and refillable too.
But wait, there's more! You also have the option of filling your snake with a soft stuffing to make a toy version.
All fabrics used are clean natural fibres (wool, linen and cotton) and recycled (except for the 100% wool naturally dyed felt eyes). The sewing thread is a recycled PET polyester as is his tongue and the suggested filling is inexpensive, recycled,compostable and widely available.
A great way to help you conserve energy at home.
Quite literally, a very lovely housewarming gift for yourself or a loved one.
I'm happy to discuss custom making a snake to your specifications too.
Thank you very much for browsing. Please contact me if you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you.