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About Handmaiden Natural Skincare

Handmaiden natural skincare was founded in 2013, after years of still ongoing research, experimentation and learning. My desire for pure & natural skincare stemmed from a need to protect my unborn child from ingredients I felt had no place in skincare. Not only did that set off a self care motion in myself, that I can hopefully share with many people, but also a love affair with plants and the wealth of botanic oils, essential oils, extracts and other products they offer.

I use only the highest quality ingredients from around the globe that I can source: Helichrysum from Corsica, organic Shea butter from central Africa, lavender essential oil from France to name but a few. Every base product and oil is chosen for its specific chemotype, dictated by the landscape & growing conditions, and the benefits that chemotype of that specific plant adds to the product. Only functional ingredients that enhance the product are included. Every pure essential oil added plays a role in uplifting, grounding, balancing your emotions.

All Handmaiden products are made by my hand, in small batches. The products are produced as orders are received to ensure products that are fresh & luscious.

I have created gentle products, that work with your skin: rebalancing, nourishing and healing it, to result in healthy, glowing skin, every day. The days of harsh products, fighting a losing battle with your skin are over.

Handmaiden is a little bit of luxury, to make you feel fabulous. It’s time to start loving your body & your skin, and the best place to start is with Handmaiden Natural Skincare.