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About wheat sacs

Thank you for visiting our brand wheat sacs™!

We are a family run business based in Melbourne Australia. We are an active family which usually always results in sore, tired muscles and we are excited to bring our regularly used, gorgeous product to to the market.
Being sympathetic to our environment is not just high priority for us, it’s a passion. All wheat sacs™ are made using Australian designer screen-printed fabrics and organic wheat.

How to heat your wheat sac™...

Simply place in the microwave for 1-2 minutes

Testing the heat...

Please keep in mind your wheat sac™ will always feel warmer when in use rather than just on your hand, so it's a good idea to heat in increments.

Freezing your wheat sac™...

Place your wheat sac™ in a zip lock back and store in the freezer. Your pack will be ready for use after approximately 30 mins

Washing your wheat sac™...

There is no need to wash your wheat sac™. If you need to, you can spot clean with a warm cloth. Do not immerse your wheat sac™ in water.

Safety first...

Do not over heat your wheat sac™. Always test the temperature before placing on your skin. Do not wrap your wheat sac™ or place under bedding or blankets. Do not use your wheat sac™ if it smells burnt - It's time to replace it. Always have an adult prepare for a child.

Can I return my wheat sac™?

For hygiene reasons we can not except returns.