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StoryChook Books

StoryChook Books

It's time for an adventure...starring YOU!

In ABC - The Adventure Starts with Me we embark on a journey through the letters of the alphabet, with you becoming the main character on each page. We are going back to the basics using a manual 'cut & paste' method of incorporating your picture into the book.... providing a fun activity to work on together during the day and an entertaining book to read come bed time!

Have you ever imagined yourself as an astronaut, fire-fighter or nurse? Or, would you like to see what you might look like if you were an animal, such as a kangaroo, horse or even a caterpillar? Just to name a few...

Well, wonder no more! Let's get back to the basics and have some fun creating your own special, personalised story with you being the STAR.

Please see the ABOUT section for more information.

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