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About Bushwalk Candles

Meet Arabella and Bruce, the hard-working team behind the unique Aussie beeswax candle company, Bushwalk Candles.

In May 2015 we made a conscious decision to celebrate the amazing scents of the Australian bush. This decision meant that we had to find an alternative to using imported soy wax, we wanted our candles to be all Australian.

That is where our adventure with beeswax began. Harder, hotter and less forgiving than soy wax, beeswax tested our expertise and patience but it has also taught us to appreciate the brilliance of the honey bee and the beautiful natural scent of beeswax candles.

We live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, surrounded by nature and endless bushland to explore. Our beeswax is all sourced from local bee keepers which means that we get amazing golden beeswax straight from the bush.

Our Aussie beeswax candles are loved and appreciated by so many people and we are humbled and grateful to be the owners and makers of Bushwalk Candles.

Arabella and Bruce