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About Building Blessings

Why the name “Building Blessings”?
It was created after I took supplies with a program called "Blessings" to 3 Indonesian orphanages in 2007. A piece of my heart stayed there! I support Knit4Charities.org and regularly send many of my hand crocheted items to bless charities they support.

My beloved grandma taught me to crochet the basic stitches when I was a child. I loved it and took off, crocheting myself a vivid pink skirt (late 60's!) and vest for my uncle's wedding and designing my own crocheted bag to go with it. This began a passion for crafts of all kinds. I still miss my grandma and I'm thankful for the skills she lovingly passed on to me, which I now use to bless others.

Overlooking the sea in Adelaide, I'm happily married to a wonderful man and have 3 adult sons and a delightful grandson. I used to be a special education teacher, but since 2010 I've struggled with my health and crocheting has taken on a whole new life. It's very therapeutic and joyful to watch the yarn wrap around the hook, as I create endless varieties of items to bless others.

My special education teaching background has shown me the importance of textures for children, especially those with disabilities... ie Autism Spectrum. Fiddling with interesting textures for sensory play is not only soothing, it also stimulates neural pathways as a crucial part of brain development. This awareness is brought into many of my baby blankets, especially my "sampler blankets" which have a variety of interesting textural stitches and colours.

I have sensitivities to many chemicals in everyday life. The only yarns I use are the ones which are safest for my body and therefore most likely to be safest for little ones, the sick and elderly. Currently I use limited brands of quality yarns. Wool causes a reaction in me, so good quality acrylic, polyester, bamboo or cotton yarn is safest for my body and likely to create less reactions for little ones too. My great niece has dermatitis and can't wear wool, but my yarns cause her no reactions. Acrylic also lasts and lasts, as it takes a beating!

Once completed all crocheted items are washed in a fragrance free, natural solution to wash out any chemicals before posting.

Please understand that because I design my own creations they are my “intellectual property” and are therefore subject to © Copyright protection. (That includes text and photos.) You may attach my photos of crocheted items to Pinterest & other social media if you attach my Madeit link: www.madeit.com.au/BuildingBlessings

I hope that you enjoy perusing and purchasing items from Building Blessings, as much as I enjoy crocheting them for you. God bless. Lotsoluv Kerryn ♥