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About Azil Products

Hi and welcome to AZIL,

AZIL was inspired by combining nature’s gifts with my thirst for creations to provide healthy cost effective products for your body.

Living in the beautiful town of Agnes Water in Queensland, has inspired me to pursue a dream I’ve had for a while, and that is to make my own natural skin care products.

Many people aren’t aware of all the harmful and toxic chemicals in their everyday skin & hair care. Products like petrochemicals, chlorines, sulphates, parabens are just to name a few. I wasn’t aware either until several years ago when I started learning & using safe chemical-free products whereby I definitely noticed the difference. Is there a wonder why so many diseases, cancers & unknown conditions are now in existence because more and more companies are looking after their dollar & mass production rather than their customers & the environments health.

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it absorbs everything that’s put on it. I’ve wanted to create products that are HEALTHY for the mind, body and soul; are SAFE for people & the environment; and are BENEFICIAL to the growing and aging body. I like to call it...Food For Your Skin!

So AZIL all started one day when my husband said that the lip balm I had bought him for chapped lips was disgusting & the flavour made him nauseous. It was then that I thought “Right, I’m going to make a lip balm!”. Thus my first product was born! It has been a whirlwind since then and within 2 months, I had 6 products under my belt with more in the ‘creation pipeline’.

I absolutely LOVE what I am doing and do hope that everyone else will enjoy using AZIL’s products. I create and make from home so I won’t have that many product lines or sizing options like the big companies do. I just want to make nourishing, replenishing & healthy products that can suit all skin & hair types for an affordable price.

Thank you for visiting my shop and please ‘Like’ my Facebook page so you can stay up to date with new product releases, market appearances and specials. If you have used any of AZIL’s products, I would love to hear your feedback. I do hope that you will follow AZIL on its journey of creating healthy food for your body!