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About Feathertail Designs

Welcome to Feathertail Designs

I like to think of people receiving a handmade card and appreciating that someone took the trouble to personally choose and write something in an age when digital messages are quickly sent and just as quickly deleted or forgotten.

Whether you need a card for a birthday, new baby, special celebration, thankyou, congratulations or just to send your hellos, I can make a card to suit. If you like having a drawer of cards or tags on hand to decorate your presents, take advantage of my multiple purchase postage and discounts.

If you browse my store and can't see exactly what you need, please send me a custom order request and I can make a card with specific colours, themes, names or initials to celebrate special milestones..

Please send me your questions or feedback and follow me @feathertaildesigns on Instagram and at www.facebook.com/feathertaildesigns for new designs.

Hope you enjoy looking around my store.