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About Filarello

I knit all these accessories with yarn I have hand spun on one of my 30+ years old spinning wheels. Mainly Merino wool, sometimes a blend of wool, silk & alpaca in various combinations, very occasionally baby camel. I trust anyone who buys my handcrafted items will enjoy the results of my work as much as I have enjoyed producing it! .

I love making the yarn to knit my scarves, hats, beanies, mitts. Sometimes this is just spinning the natural fibre to use in un-dyed items, sometimes I spin and dye the yarn for a particular project.

My yarns can be spun from raw fleece (alpaca and / or wool), but mostly I buy cleaned and combed top which I then spin. This can be dyed by the supplier or bought un-dyed.

Some of my accessories are knitted in yarn that is the natural colour of the fibre, sometimes I have hand-dyed the yarn after spinning it and before knitting. I also use fibre that has been cleaned, combed and dyed already when I buy it, I just have to spin and knit it up!

I enjoy working quietly with spinning wheel, knitting needles, wool and alpaca. I love working with new designs and spend quite a lot of time developing new patterns. My two spinning wheels date back to the 1970's. My original wheel (a Tarra) was made at Yarram, not far from where I now live. I was delighted to recently find my second wheel ( a Wee Peggy made by Rappart, NZ) at a local market. The two wheels are quite different from each other and I love using them both.

All my accessories need to be hand washed.