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About Haru's HoneyBee Creations

I am Japanese and grew up in a small Village in Fukushima Japan.
I have been living in Perth since I left my second home London Dec 2004.
When I lived in London,I was working for Japanese financial newspaper company called NIKKEI as a journalist assistant and also worked for MISS WOLD as chaperon.I had such an amazing experience,i was living in the dream.
I still call London is my second home,i have somany great friends and family who were looking after me as if I was their real family member.
I have now two beautiful children named Tia who was born in May 18th 2005 and son named Will who was born in July 20th 2010.
They have been my inspiration in all of my pieces.
It would not exist without the inspiration of my two precious children.
Nor would it exist without my life passion of ‘making things’, or more accurately,
making things uniquely personal.
I specialize in making personalised items,I make clothing,bedding items,blankets ,towels,backpacks,toddler sippy cups,adorable birthday outfits as well as special occasion custom shirts or anything!
I always love getting custom orders, so please feel free to message me any ideas you may have.
I run and create from home in WA.
My life,my heart is fulfilled when i make people happy that's why I love making things for others.
It comes from the heart. Each item is a part of myself and my family.
If you can't find what you are looking for contact me and
we can work together over and over again until we come up with the perfect gift for that special someone.

I look forward to helping you, your dearest family and much loved friends create beautiful memories honouring your most cherished moments.Loving what I do and all of you that make it possible♥

Much love

Check it out my Facebook page for new updates to my facebook page. There's much more to come!
I have specials often All you have to do is share my creations with your friends and family!
All my albums

Love is in the air and spending time with the love of your life is always special. Nothing is more special than gifts which you have customized yourself. Personalized gifts are always going to be truly valued by the receiver because they take more time to produce and they will make the person feel even more special because you took the time to be unique and thoughtful.
Giving personalized birthday gifts is a novel idea. It shows a genuine concern for the person and a unique gift that cannot be easily replicated. The gifts are perfect for people of all ages and they are gifts that will truly be appreciated.
Find the perfect gift for any special occasion at Haru's HoneyBee Creations. From wedding presents to birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and every occasion in between,we will help you find the perfect gift to show them that you care.