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About Taming Silver

Searching and sorting through numerous silver plated, vintage, spoons, forks, cake servers & knifes etc that have been used over time as early as the 1900's...These are recycled, reused & restored as gorgeous rings, cuffs, much more.

If you have been through your cupboards and found any old spoons, knifes etc that are of sentimental use to you, these can also be made into rings, pendants and stamped if you wish. Please send me a message, as l would love to help you.

Most can be stamped on order to give it a more personalized meaning depending on the item.

I have listings for stainless steel stamped pendants.

I started stamping personalized jewellery in 2010 and started making spoon rings in June 2013. This has led to numerous other ideas that just keep on multiplying.