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About Chick Designs by Jade

Chick Designs is all about making someone feel special. When you receive a card that is unique to you and your style you know the person giving it to you cares and has really gone that extra mile. It could have your name, a saying or display something that makes you smile.

If you are interested in ordering a card with your personal touch, Please feel welcome to e-mail me at jade.h@live.com.au

Where Chick Designs Started

I've made cards for close friends and family all my life. One day, some friends asked me to make cards for their family and it’s just grown from there. Have to admit, I just thought my Mum was being nice when she said she liked her cards…… but maybe I should have listened to her. I love making cards and now that more people know about it, they give me more and more reasons to spend time being creative.

Thank you