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About DeeDeeDeesigns

I make unique one of a kind ceramic tableware, jewellery and ceramic sculpture.

Individual designs and custom orders are welcome.

My history as a visual artist is fifteen years long... and includes international exhibitions, international residencies, international collections and publications. I also hold graduate and post graduate degrees in visual arts. During this time clay has always been my medium of choice, with found objects being a close second. This is because, for me, clay is so organic, textural and sensual... and found objects whether natural or human made fit so well sculpturally with this organic nature - either as a complimentary feature or as a contrast.

My tableware is inspired by wabi sabi: the calm and tranquillity of a Japanese/Asian aesthetic. I have travelled widely through Asia - Japan, Vietnam and South Korea - and love the way that ceramics is intertwined with a lifestyle aesthetic that accompanies the ceramic object - as a ceramicist it is amazing to witness!

As a result I strive to make one of a kind kitchen and home decor that is balanced, beautiful and pleasurable to use everyday. As an added bonus all my tableware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

I also make ceramic jewellery ceramic and mixed media sculptures, perfect as the eye catching centerpiece for your living room, garden or anywhere in your home. Examples of these works can be seen on my Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/deedeedeesignsaustralia )and my blog ( http://dawnwhitehand.wordpress.com/ )- orders are welcome..

All of my glazes are hand made with my own recipes which results in all surfaces being unique.

If you enjoy exclusive home or kitchen d├ęcor or unique jewellery that expresses your personal touch then I am the designer for you!

Individual designs and custom orders are welcome.

I plan to continue developing unique ceramic home decor to add to my store, and much of this is based on your - the customers - demand!

I hope to continue on my artistic endeavours and hope that you will join me!!

You can also follow me on facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram & google+