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About Boonlell Bags

Welcome to my handmade bag shop!

My name is Catherine and I am a mum to two beautiful teenage boys. I have been sewing since I was very young and have always loved anything creative, homemade and crafty. I have worked as a Graphic Designer and am currently a Primary School Teacher (and also a Dog Groomer!).

In my spare time I love to create these bags and decided that I would start selling them for other people to enjoy as well. They do make a terrific gift for Mothers Day, Birthday's or Christmas or as a little treat for yourself!

They are totally hand created by me and I take pride in crafting them with care and paying attention to detail, making sure you get a quality product.

Please don't hesitate to message me if you would like a custom order!

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Insta - @boonlell_bags

Catherine x