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Hello and welcome to ANNIE ZORZO ACCESSORIES - my little part of the world and one that has a serious obsession with handbags!

Yes, it's true and I will confess - I love handbags! I love shoes, scarves and all sorts of jewellery too, but it is handbags that I can't have enough of. And after having sketchbook after sketchbook of handbag ideas, I decided to leave a career in Human Resources to pursue my passion of designing and making my own line of handbags. First-things-first was to learn how. Enter-in the London College of Fashion, exiting four years later with 1st Class Honours and the skills I needed to make my dream reality. I am now armed with the knowledge and skills I need to take my sketched designs, develop them into a pattern and then finally turning that 2D sketch into a 3D functional and desirable handbag, using the wonderful medium of leather.

But I also have another confession to make... I have a very serious obsession with fabric. Hard not to really when there is SO many gorgeous fabrics out there. So now I get enormous satisfaction combining my two obsessions to create an eclectic collection of irresistible leather and fabric fashion bags.

There are two parts of what I do that I love most. First is that very last stitch that goes into a bag that finishes the whole thing off. It is that very last stitch that finally makes that scribbled drawing with notes all over it, a real and tangible object. I still sit back, with every piece I finish, in amazement that "I did that"! My other great love in what I do is the joy and excitement my customers get when their order has arrived. While some customers purchase a ready-made bag, some of my others customers wait for months for a custom bag. I like to involve them through the whole process with swatch samples and photos, so they are taking the journey with me as their bag comes to life. For them to finally touch and feel their finished bag, and for me to feel their love for something I've created, makes me want to do it over and over again.

All of my products are proudly designed and handmade, with plenty of love and care, in my little studio on the Far North Coast of NSW. I'm not a factory and as I make all my items, my bags take time to come to life. Perfectionist tendencies have been my curse throughout life, and while some slight imperfections may exist, this is to be expected of something handmade. However, if I'm not happy with the finished product it doesn't go out... I want my customers to have the best of what I can create.

Thank you for visiting ANNIE ZORZO ACCESSORIES and for choosing to buy and support Australian handmade. Your support is truly invaluable!

With my warmest regards,

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