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About Glory Box Designs

Glory Box Designs is as close as you can get to understanding the workings of the ticking inside our chief designer's brain. We believe that design can be fun, wearable and colourful- without being overly complicated. There is a life to be lived, pool-sides to swan around, cocktails to drink and fun to be had. Our prints are hyper-stylized and over the top, our jewellery is quirky and un-hinged and our home wares are luxurious and tactile. We designs our prints from scratch, we make our own resin pieces, cut our own patterns and are always adding to our list of items, we will do bespoke and we love hearing from you.
Our head honcho, Lara believes in making pieces that are accessible for everyone, with no body-type left behind. She believes in comfort and feeling good, and loves the power that your great piece of jewellery can give you. She is fashion, costume and textiles trained with a serious knack for colour and print.
Stay tuned as we add our growing product range to the store over the next few weeks- follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see our new additions, then pop over here to the wonderful *Made-it* and get yourself something pretty.