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About OrchardRose

Hello and welcome to Orchard Rose. Thanks for stopping by!

What can I say? I love pyjamas. You can wear whatever you like to bed, be it in the wildest patterns or the simplest. Always finding fabrics which are gorgeous, but not what you would wear out. So why not wear them to bed? Here you will find a unique assortment of sleepwear, designed and created uniquely as it's own work of love.
I only make what I love, so of course each piece has a lot of effort put into it to create something perfectly homemade with character.

Fabrics are collected locally, and internationally, searching everywhere for the perfect fabrics that appeal to me. The fabrics must be of a good quality and the colours and patterns have to be just so to become their own unique creation. I love the moment when you find the perfect fabric that is just crying out to be made into something special. Of course making it into that something special is a challenge, but a fun one.

I live in country Victoria, in a country cottage with huge trees, many roses and an orchard. Out the back, there is a bungalow which I have turned into my craft room. Imagine, sea foam blue walls, bright patchwork curtains, a massive desk with all things craft, and a quirky, blue, wooden chair. As you can imagine, it is my favourite place to create!

Hope you enjoy looking! Happy Shopping!