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About HarlequinFox

A stylish, practical, washable necklace. Perfect!

This is Mum jewellery at it's best! No more worrying about Vegemite hands on my jewellery. Any issue, I can easily clean it by just popping this in the sink or wiping over with wipes. Easy!

Going to the gym?! No problem, these babies are sweat proof too! No smells linger. Perfect for gardening too!

Do you have allergies and are sensitive to lots of jewellery? No problems here! The nature of these beads mean that they wont absorb any fragrances or dirt and each necklace features a breakaway plastic clasp for those who have metal allergies. Perfect!

Ever since having my own little bub, I know how dirty things get! I wanted to make something that would be robust and beautiful all at the same time. So I solved the problem myself. A washable necklace! Who would have thought it?! And little did I know at the time how perfect these necklace would be for everything else!

Our Silicone beads are made from a food grade silicone. It's BPA free (phew!) and it's made of a soft non-toxic material (It's got none of the nasty stuff - no phthalates, no cadmium, no lead, no metals) It's just made with a whole lotta love!

Our wooden beads are made from a beautiful natural BEECH wood. They haven't been treated so you can rest easy knowing that no nasty chemicals are included!

For extra safety,all our necklace have a breakaway clasp. This will open when bub pulls too hard (saving your neck!)