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About Bugsey Bee

After the birth of my son I found it difficult to find clothing and other necessities that were both cute and practical. In particular, I was frustrated that there were so many beautiful items for girls, in an array of colours and designs yet our poor boys were relegated to the smallest section in the shopping centre where everything seemed to be blue or uni-sex. After hearing many other mothers complain about the same thing I decided it was time to start Bugsey Bee so I could share the same cute clothing I had made with my son with everyone else. As time progresses we continue to add to the Bugsey Bee range always striving to create the same kind of practical items we would want to use ourselves.

As a Mum I know how important it s that everything you buy your child is both practical and resilient so I have painstakingly trialed and sourced the highest quality materials until I have been able to create what I believe to be the most baby and children friendly items out there in the handmade world.