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About twirling betty

I live in Melbourne with my astoundingly supportive husband and 2 little girls.  The youngest is not quite twirling yet but the eldest twirls constantly! I was a lawyer in my previous life but I'm far happier crafting than litigating.

twirling betty is named for my beloved Grandmother Betty. The name came to me one evening when I was sitting in St Kilda's iconic Palais Theatre. In the 1940s Betty and my grandfather used to trip the light fantastic there. Betty used to tell me thrilling and romantic tales of my grandfather, Edgar, twirling her around the dance floor there on a Saturday night. I could virtually see the nylon stockings and smell the face powder. 

Betty was a nurse, never had a sick day in her life, laughed a lot and was elegant and gracious to the very last.  She was and is my inspiration in pretty much all things.  I want to be just like Betty when I grow up.

If you love craft and handmade things as much as I do, you might like to pop over the my blog which is chock full of crafty ideas, tutorials and insipration.