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About WoodenJoys

Welcome to our little store here on Madeit!

Our names are Jo and Simon, and we are a Brisbane based mum and dad sharing our passion for scrollsaw woodworking, through the creation and sharing of our unique wooden treasures!

Our journey into scrollsawing, like most people's hobbies, began with the starting of our very own little family. We inherited an older pinned blade scrollsaw and began making basic wooden toys for our own kids. Seeing the look in their eyes as they played with our handmade creations made our love for the hobby grow stronger.

As our interest grew, along with our children, we began trying out new things including puzzles, boxes, bowls and baskets. Pushing the limits of our pinned blade scrollsaw, we made the decision to upgrade to a pinless blade model, which opened up a whole new world to us such as fretwork style Scrollart.

Whilst we enjoy making all of our creations, Scrollart is where the passion lies. There is something very satisfying when you take a piece of plywood and some delicately fine blades, and cut away material one piece at a time to reveal an intricate and highly detailed art piece.

We look forward to being apart of the MadeIt community, and sharing our unique handcrafted wooden creations with you all!

Jo & Simon
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