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About Jewel Divas


Jewel Divas is an independent South Australian Jewellery Company started in 2008, specializing in original handcrafted jewellery and accessories made on the dining room table.

Jewel Divas strives to achieve uniqueness in a small part of the world. A world that is overrun with the mass produced jewellery from China found in so many chain stores popping up around Australia and all over the globe.

In keeping as home based as possible, Tiara sources her findings at Australian wholesale bead warehouses and Aussie eBay stores, trying to keep a little bit of Australiana still going in such an over mass produced world.


Raised in the suburbs of Adelaide and living, although not for very long, on the sunny shores of Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Tiara King never imagined owning and running a jewellery company.

Growing up on the plastic variety from the age of six, her love for jewellery expanded into the funky and quirky variety (not only earrings, but brooches and clothes as well) in primary school, drawing many gasps and comments from her admiring schoolmates.

2005 saw her take to eBay and that was her downfall. Not only amassing unusual and unique pieces for her personal collection, but the start of her career into jewellery selling.

In 2008, after WEA courses on setting up an online business and being a silversmith, plus much researching and reading, Jewel Divas was born.

In 2013 Tiara updated her blog, becoming Jewel Divas Style. She set up her store, Jewel Divas, at Madeit.com.au to help spread her sales across the nation, and added Wardrobe Styling to her vast repertoire.