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Store Policies

How to pay: Payment can be made by paypal or direct debit. Please contact me for direct debit details.
Shipping: All items have a 3-5 business day production time at present on some items and 7-10 business day on others, please check individual items, with some orders leaving a little earlier and some a little later. Most items will arrive within 2-10 working days within Australia WA possibly longer up to 14 working days. If you require registered please choose at checkout.

Information needs to be correct at checkout in regards to hand stamped pieces. Please leave the information in the message to seller section so it comes through to the invoice. All information on the invoice is what I use to stamp your piece, if you want it different to the front picture please say so in the message to seller section.

In regards to 'Nina' necklaces if there is not indication or mention of birthstone you require I will use the same one as in the picture you have purchased.

Refunds: Due to the hand stamped nature of the item there are no refunds available unless an item has not been stamped. Please contact me if you change your mind by 5 days of ordering and if I have not stamped it yet I wil refund your money. You may also change your order before it has been stamped but again I urge you contact me within 5 days of ordering just in case I have already started stamping.

Refunds are also not available once you have your item if it has been hand stamped. If you change your mind when you receive it, it cannot be refunded. Sterling silver will oxidise over time if left alone and not worn or if exposed to chemicals, perfumes and citrus. To stop oxidisation by wearing it on the skin (not regularly - as it will not oxidise if worn regularly) it just needs a regular polish with a sterling silver polish cloth. Please clean your product often - I do not offer refunds for items that have been sprayed with perfume and not cleaned. If you accidentally spray it, just give it a clean immediately. Your item can also be professionally cleaned, it will come up looking immaculate.

If you require a particular font please say so at checkout. If you require more information than I have in the pictures shown then I may have to use a smaller font to fit in your requests. Please be aware of this when you decide to put your order in. The pictures show you how many characters roughly fit on the piece.

Hand Stamped items: All my handstamped items are stamped by me in my home. I love what I do and have sold many pieces on etsy and through facebook and have very good feedback from my amazing customers. Each and every piece is individual and like no other...they are not perfect like a machine stamped necklace and that is the beauty of a hand made piece. Letters may not line up perfectly but that is what a handmade stamping piece is loved for...its imperfections. You will see in the pictures actual pieces that customers have purchased so you have the opportunity to see their beauty. I have several fonts so please choose if you would prefer a different font to the one you see. Im open to all requests and a lot of my items are custom, changed or re invented by customers requiring a piece they have designed in their own mind and wanted made.


I hope you love my jewellery just as much as I do!

Tanya xx