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Welcome to Seven Blueberries - currently a 3-5 business day production time on some items and a 7-10 business day production time (public holidays and weekends not included) on others Please check individual items to confirm production times. Shipping time is on top of production time. If you require something quick please contact me so I can put it urgent for you.

Sevenblueberries was the 6th top seller for 2014 on Madeit!

Every piece of jewellery I make tells a different story! That is what I love...the ability to hand make a piece that has meaning and is close to your heart. Personalised jewellery here is hand made not machine made so it is individual of any other piece...may not be perfect but is unique which is what makes it so special. I also make custom pieces upon request. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions as per below:

Here via Madeit message system (this is the best place to contact me)
Email on tanya_hardie@yahoo.com.au (this is the next best place to contact me)


My jewellery is hand stamped not engraved which means I use a hammer and metal stamp to stamp impressions into the metal. Each letter is stamped individually by me in my home studio.

TIMEFRAMES: There is a 3-5 business day production time on some items and a 7-10 business day production time on others so please be aware of this at order time - lots of messages coming through about timeframes slows the making process down as does changes to orders - please make sure stamping details are correct at checkout. It can slow the process down making orders and getting them out on time due to answering messages for changes or questions on where your order is.

HAVING THE CORRECT DETAILS ON THE INVOICE FOR STAMPING IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! This is where I take the information from to stamp your order so its important to take the time to have it correct for me at the time of purchase. Due to the large amount of orders I receive from 4 online places, I use the invoice for all details to save time looking elsewhere for it. If you want changes to the piece in the front picture you need to say so in the message to seller section at checkout. This means my orders move along quicker and don't stall the already long wait for personalised items. Your correct address is just as important.

If you require a particular font please say so at checkout. If you require more information than I have in the pictures shown then I may have to use a smaller font to fit in your requests. Please be aware of this when you decide to put your order in. The pictures show you how many characters roughly fit on the piece.

NINA NECKLACES - due to the different types of dangles and styles please make sure you leave the correct name or word required to be stamped at checkout. In regards to birthstone colours if you do not indicate or leave the month of the birthstone then I will use the same colour as the one in the picture that you ordered.

Thanks for visiting and happy shopping x

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