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About TigsTogs

Hi I'm Meg . My handmade online shop derived its name from my childhood nickname " Tig " . Knitting has been a part of me since my childhood too when I used to pretend to knit while I was listening to Kindergarten of the Air . I guess that the lack of television also played a part in the fact that my mum ( Audrey ) taught me and my three sisters to knit so that we'd all knitted ourselves a jumper by the time we were ten . My passion for handmade continued to be a major part of my life as I sewed and knitted most of my own and my children's clothes .

It's hard to describe the feeling a knitter gets on entering a yarn shop but looking at all those colours and types of yarns can be inspirational and that's before you take any yarn out of the packets . Browsing what other knitters and crocheters are making on Ravelry and Instagram also provides inspiration . I still have lots of knitting pattern books from the seventies and my vintage collection has grown since I retired from secondary teaching four years ago .

Because I had a gap in my teaching career while my family was young , I've never had a gap in creating knitwear for our family of four children as I was able to knit while they played . I've now been knitting for them and their partners and our six ( soon to be seven ) grandchildren . You'll see most of them in my product shots and I'm also grateful to the ones who've provided behind the scenes social media suggestions , tech support , photos , editing advice and layout assistance .

My test crocheters are my sister Deirdre and also Fi from Madeforyoubyfi are as I've added a renewed interest in crochet to my passions since I joined Madeit . This has led to the publication of the first of my ten patterns (the slouchy beanie ) . Adagio Mills at Orange have published patterns for The Jarrah Vest and The Izzy Lou Poncho . ( I will sell these on Madeit too ) . I'm trying to source other yarns which also use ethical , sustainable , environmentally friendly practices in their production so you'll find my market bag and triangle scarf follow these principles too .

Selling on Madeit is precisely what I love to do . It connects me with a community of Australian makers who are all different ages , make different things and have different ideas - it's one place where age doesn't matter as the passion for handmade is what makes us the same . I love taking my flatlay photos of my products for my shop , meeting makers online and knowing that I can receive personal , quality support from Louise . Buying handmade dresses , jewellery , toys and birthday cards for my family here on Madeit is essential to me as it demonstrates to each of them that someone made their birthday , Easter or Christmas present . I love selling my knitwear and patterns to buyers all over Australia . Now that I'm a Pick Editor on Madeit , I get to see the passion others are putting into what they make and how they grow over time .

One thing I don't need is a designated studio as knitting and crocheting are so portable - every day is World Knit in Public Day for me as you'll see in the photos that I often knit outdoors on the South Coast of NSW where I live . That's not to say that I may have a fair sized stash of yarn waiting to be turned into a beautiful handmade garment or accessory . One spare bedroom houses the stash of yarn and another the finished beanies and scarves .

You'll also notice that I love colour and that I've chosen names from past and present family members for my current creations . Without Izzy Lou ( my paternal grandmother) and Audrey May (my mother ) I wouldn't have my skills to make handmade , my strong feminist ideals or my love of reading Australian authors such as Thea Astley . I hope that I can pass on my knitting skills to my grandchildren so that they can share my passion .

Because I'm passionate about indigenous literacy , I donate 10 % of my annual sales to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to purchase a Book Buzz Pack for a Community each year . Locally , I donate completed knitwear to the Moruya Hospital Auxiliary .